Block and Property Management

Investa (N.I.) manage housing and apartment developments in both Belfast/Northern Ireland and North East England. We work directly with the shareholders/directors to ensure that we provide a level of service that they are satisfied with. 

Property Management services provided by Investa (N.I.) will be tailored to suit the development’s needs, allowing the client as much or as little input into the management of the development as desired. These services will include:

  • Agree with shareholders a level of service and provide a service charge budget to suit each development
  • Management of the service charge budget and collection of the service charge payments from shareholders 
  • Monthly onsite inspections to ensure that we are aware of any matters which require our attention on a daily basis
  • Manage appointed contractors (gardeners etc) to ensure that complexes are kept to a good standard at all times  
  • We have an extensive list of approved contractors which means items requiring attention can be dealt with quickly
  • Ensure competitive insurance quotes are sought each year
  • Manage all shareholders/residents queries
  • Organise and hold annual general meetings with shareholders
  • Arrangement of yearly accounts to include Companies House requirements
  • Ensure all legal requirement are kept up to date

Investa (N.I.) will be responsible for obtaining the most competitive maintenance contracts in agreement with the shareholders preferences. Monthly inspections will be carried out at the development with any issues arising reported back to the Directors of the Management Company.