Professional Services

Do you want to reshape your property portfolio or grow or reduce your Buy To Let portfolio, then we can help.

If You Want To Reduce:

Did you purchase properties at the peak of the market and are still in negative equity and your interest only mortgages are about to mature.  If so then we can advise you how to take the strain off your finances.

Working in tandem with a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner it is possible to legally reduce your debt.

For an informal and free initial discussion please contact our office on 02897520895.

If You Want To Grow:

Do you have funds available to purchase other properties and benefit from motivated sellers to generate a better yield on your property portfolio?  Then we have a range of Buy To Let properties in England and Northern Ireland offering significant returns.

We have an in house property management service which will minimise voids and maximise returns with years of success and a proven track record.

To discuss your options further please contact our office on 02897521283.